Owner/Buyer understands and accepts that HACIENDA RESERVA RIO MONTAÑA, SOCIEDAD DE RESPONSABILIDAD LIMITADA, corporate identification number 3-102-791370, owns the mother property recorded in the Public Registry under inscription number 5-13775-000, in which Finca Montaña project was developed. That the mother farms were subdivided into smaller farms (lots) to create Finca Montaña project. That some of the farms (lots) resulting from the subdivision have been sold and that all buyers of said farms have agreed to similar Standard Terms and Conditions.

Buyer understands and accepts that Finca Montaña project has been designed as a "green project" where the philosophy and final intention is to create a neighborhood that offers lots of tranquility and privacy. The respect for nature and other residents is also a fundamental piece of said philosophy.

Buyer understands and agrees to comply with CR governing laws about land use, construction, coverage, density, protection of nature and any other legislation related with the use, construction and enjoyment of agricultural parcels. The Seller manifests and Buyer understands, accepts, and agrees that lots in Finca Montaña were segregated, surveyed, and titled with the following legal restrictions:

  • The only permitted use of the land is construction of a residence and agricultural and forestry activities. The maximum construction blueprint is of 15% of the total area of the lot (Cobertura) according to the CR Law. This area is inclusive of house, garages, pools, and any other infraestructure.
  • The development of commercial activities such as restaurants, bars, stores, discotheques, etc. are not permitted for the internal lots.
  • The roads are agricultural easements for internal use of residents and can never become public roads. The lots can't be further subdivided (Reglamento Fraccionamientos y Urbanizaciones) and the construction of multi-unit residential dwellings are not permitted for two reasons (the law aforementioned and the results of the water technical study presented to AYA).
  • Before initiating construction in his (her) respective lot, Buyer agrees to permit a representative of HACIENDA RESERVA RIO MONTAÑA, SOCIEDAD DE RESPONSABILIDAD LIMITADA and/or the future “Asociación de Vecinos”, to verify that construction permits, architectural drawings, and structural engineering have been obtained and approved by Costa Rican authorities and that the restrictions described or referred to in paragraph 4 of this contract have been respected and complied with.

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